ClinDATC Development

ClinDATC was developed due to rigidity of existing CDM software that was hard-coded, inflexible, costly and difficult to customise. ClinDATC has the ability to deploy and tailor your EDC solutions to meet your needs in any cohort and observational study.

ClinDATC is a partnership between a developer and a beta-tester from the Little Red Dot. Having being in the clinical research since 2010, we faced many frustrations in working together to develop instruments for a hard-coded clinical database. Opportunity came when a new cohort study requires EDC and BioBanking systems to administer questionnaires to subjects and to store sample information, and ClinDATC was born.

ClinDATC Team

  1. The brain behind the ClinDATC and the most laid back database developer.
  2. The side supporter, cheerleader and beta-tester for ClinDATC, whose middle name is wanderlust.