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Manage Group Access

One can assign an user to a GuestCoordinator or Manager group at the Add New User page or thereafter, click the Edit icon at the All Users page to re-assign user to another group. To assign an user to Developer group, direct access to the MySQL database is required in order to ‘update’ the access level. There are 5 user groups in ClinDATC:

Guest – Having the least number of access to ClinDATC pages by default, a Guest group user can only search participants and view the participant’s visit stages. A Guest user by default cannot register new participant, attempt questionnaires and gain access to administrative tools etc. However no options are Prohibited in order to keep the Guest group ‘flexible’ and open to all possibilities within the study.

Participant – Participant group users can only attempt questionnaires and modify their email/ login password by default. Generally, all options are Prohibited (disabled) to prevent humane error of giving them accidental access to important ClinDATC pages.

Coordinator – Usually ground staffs who require access to more administrative pages in order to register new participants, manage existing participants and to modify a participant’s visit stages (e.g. extend deadline for questionnaires completion).

Manager – By default, a Manager group user have all access of a Coordinator group in addition to site configuration (e.g. Group Access (this), Settings and Plugins). He/She may also modify answers in completed questionnaires.

Developer – All options are checked by default to assign the Developer user persistent access to all ClinDATC pages. The single difference between a Manager and Developer user is that a Developer user will gain access to another set of questionnaires and visit tools to create questionnaires and setup visit stages for the study or project.