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Manage Participants

This is the account management page for all participants only. It allows account update when, for example, a Participant ID is assigned wrongly to the participant and or when there is an update to the participant’s email address or status etc. A participant’s login to ClinDATC can be disabled if he/she drops out of the study. Coordinators must use this page to reset participants login password if emails (required for password recovery) are not obtainable during the course of the study.

Edit – Click this icon to modify participant’s account details. This will bring up the Update Participant form below.

Update Participant

Active (Yes / No) – Disables a participant’s login to ClinDATC system.

Participant ID – Note that changes made to Participant ID will be applied to all previously attempted questionnaires and associated visits.

Username – Update user login name and changes take effect on next login.

Reset Password – Update user login password and changes take effect on next login.

Email – Email verification will not be sent for this update purpose.

Start Date – The ‘official’ start date for the participant on this study. This is used to calculate the window period for Auto-enabled visits.

Status Questions – A series of status-type questions directed to this participant. E.g. Drug Allergy

Note: Some changes will only take effect after next login. E.g. if Active = No, the participant can still stay logged in until he/she logout and is denied access thereafter.