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Add New User

This page allows Coordinators, Managers and Developers to add non-participant users to manage and run ClinDATC.
Please use Register New Participant page instead for study participants which includes (this) Add New User account portion.

Group Access – Drop-down allows Guest, Coordinator and Manager group (exclude Participant). Managers have all access of Coordinators in addition to site configuration (e.g. Group Access, Settings and Plugins). He/She may also modify answers in completed questionnaires.

Username – User login name to ClinDATC system which must consists from a combination of a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and ‘_’ characters. This is not participant’s real name.

Email – Unique in database and allows for password recovery but some studies have no use for this (e.g. participants are invited to work on the lab workstations, pre-logged in by study coordinators). Any ‘fake’ email can be accepted as long as it passes the email format validation. A new user/participant account is ‘activated’ only if he/she clicks the link in the verification email. However this verification requirement can be disabled in Settings page.

Password / Verify Password – Requires 6 or more characters.

Type these characters (CAPTCHA) – To block spammers and bots that try to automatically sign up as new user.