ClinDATC Preview Screenshots Added

Added a gallery of screenshots to showcase features and capabilities of ClinDATC – Clinical Data Collection Software for Research.

These include:

  • Bootstrap UI
  • Questionnaires Format
  • Tools (for Administrators and Developers)
  • Participants / Users Management
  • Enhancement Plugins
  • System Settings

You can access these images from Software > Images

ClinDATC Demo Upgraded to 2.2.0

The latest version of ClinDATC 2.2.0 is available for download (here) and installation instructions (here).

You may also login ClinDATC Demo (here) to test this new upgraded version.

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ClinDATC Software 2.0 Unleashed!

Good News!

Make it two.

  1. ClinDATC website is finally ready to be accessed by the general public.
  2. ClinDATC software v2.0.0 is ready for download.

What ‘ClinDATC’? It stands for ‘Clinical DATa Collection’

It was originally developed for longitudinal clinical study but along the way, we tweaked the time-points such that it serves many scenarios:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Healthcare surveys
  • Market research surveys
  • Student surveys, teacher surveys, school surveys
  • Non-longitudinal study conducted in a lab environment

With ClinDATC, you can opt to run your study offline and store your collected data locally which is more secure than the online option.

The Free version offers no limitations to the numbers of surveys you can create and enrolled study participants.

The idea of modifying ClinDATC into a free-to-download software was hatched last year May 2015. The past nine months includes building ClinDATC from scratch (and integrating open-source components into it), many cycles of debugging, adding features, cleaning up codes, writing online documentations, etc. A few months ago, ClinDATC (now 2.0.0) saw a major revamp from 1.0.x A noticeable change is the ‘Plugins’ capability.

We did not aim to develop ClinDATC with bells and whistles, but strives to keep it rather simple and efficient to use. Moving forward, we hope to develop a mobile app for ClinDATC, and to simplify questionnaires and survey creation for everyone.