ClinDATC 2.3.0 – Cohort Engine Overhaul and New Features

2.3.0 [2016-09-15]


  • New status ‘Incomplete‘ to denote that a questionnaire was attempted but not completed
  • Cohort filter with checkboxes in ‘Search Participant’ page
  • Developers can Delete visits in DevTools (in addition to Add and Update)
  • Developers can include data-hidden during questionnaires creation to skip MySQL column creation. This will also prevent save error on submit e.g. if questionnaire requires a <input> or <select> field in instructions or as an example
  • First Entry (datetime / who) and Last Entry  (datetime / who) to each questionnaire for admins only
  • Window period (start / end date) under each Visit label to replace ‘To Complete by: date
  • Visit status (visit completion date) under each Visit label when a participant completed the last questionnaire under that visit
  • Plugin ‘ClinDATC Maintenance Mode‘ to let participants know that your site is down for maintenance


  • Url canonicalization by redirecting in order for plugins to target these pages – e.g. instead of after login
  • A questionnaires ‘Open‘ status is now classified into ‘Not Started‘ or ‘Incomplete
  • Update to Group Access page is instantaneous now – no refresh needed e.g. F5
  • Standardized first option of all <select> drop-down list to e.g. — Select visit —
  • Removed ‘Progress Report‘ plugin (broken due to new cohort coding)


  • Questionnaire input type=checkbox does not load stored database value due to having hyphen in input name. Resolved by adding `
  • Pagination cannot load (disabled) page 3 up for a questionnaire (with 3 or more pages) when administrators try to modify the questionnaire
  • Undefined index: visitorder when administrators try to view all visits for a participant
  • Validate a questionnaire against visit so that the questionnaire will not load if it does not belong to the active visit
  • Pagination issue where e.g. 1st browser tab loads a 4-page questionnaire and open a new 2nd tab for a 2-page questionnaire which will load blank
  • Session values redundancy. Questionnaires will no longer retain previous questionnaire’s input name as session ($_SESSION) data
  • Participants cannot access unauthorized (e.g. not activated) visits simply by modifying the ?v=?? in URL now
  • Stripped HTML tags from <title> using strip_tags() for questionnaire name that contains e.g. Bootstrap Glyphicon <span class=”glyphicon…