ClinDATC 2.2.1 – Bugs Killed, To Do … Done!

2.2.1 [2016-08-11]


  • Images (e.g. affiliated institutes logos) can be added on top (e.g. header) of questionnaires in order to achieve a professional and close to hard-copy look
  • Cohort as filter in ‘Search Participant’ page
  • Developers can Delete visits in DevTools (in addition to Add and Update)
  • Developers can include data-hidden during questionnaires creation to skip MySQL column creation. This will also prevent save error on submit e.g. if questionnaire requires a <input> or <select> field in instructions or as an example


  • Deploy Submit buttons in questionnaires with custom text or image using the ‘label’ attribute
  • ‘Register Bulk Participants’ page (CSV upload) returns more descriptive error message by displaying row # and column name
  • Specify which ClinDATC pages to add a plugin’s external files e.g. cascading style sheet (CSS) in order not to include them in the <head> section of every page
  • Underscore_‘ is now a valid character to include in Participant ID during registration and Username when adding new ClinDATC users


  • Changing user access level does not reflect changes instantly (e.g. navigation menu availability) until user re-logs
  • When trying to modify a 5 pages questionnaire, click on (e.g. mid page 3) and exit. This will render page ‘4’ and ‘5’ on the questionnaire pagination to be disabled when admin returns to modify this questionnaire again
  • Changing questionnaires listing order from Random to Sequential (ordered) will wipe out the ‘previously randomized’ arrangement order from database
  • Modifying a questionnaire ‘Xyz’ having same <input> name as another questionnaire ‘Abc’ within the same visit will preload the saved answers wrongly