ClinDATC 2.0.1

2.0.1 [2016-03-10]


  • Include latest file generate_tables_sql.php in ClinDATC v2.0.1


  • install.php: Removed all redundant COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci in CREATE sql statements
  • Sample instrument included in ClinDATC Free and Plus has now (blank) as the default selected option in <select> examples
  • <select> drop-down no longer creates as 1st option in enum() when an user generates questionnaire table, e.g. enum ('', option1, option2)


  • Standardize NULL vs as stored value in MySQL column name for questionnaire. The column value of the questionnaire that is not attempted will default NULL, but any unanswered questions on an attempted page will have it’s value updated from NULL to (blank).