ClinDATC Software 2.0 Unleashed!

Good News!

Make it two.

  1. ClinDATC website is finally ready to be accessed by the general public.
  2. ClinDATC software v2.0.0 is ready for download.

What ‘ClinDATC’? It stands for ‘Clinical DATa Collection’

It was originally developed for longitudinal clinical study but along the way, we tweaked the time-points such that it serves many scenarios:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Healthcare surveys
  • Market research surveys
  • Student surveys, teacher surveys, school surveys
  • Non-longitudinal study conducted in a lab environment

With ClinDATC, you can opt to run your study offline and store your collected data locally which is more secure than the online option.

The Free version offers no limitations to the numbers of surveys you can create and enrolled study participants.

The idea of modifying ClinDATC into a free-to-download software was hatched last year May 2015. The past nine months includes building ClinDATC from scratch (and integrating open-source components into it), many cycles of debugging, adding features, cleaning up codes, writing online documentations, etc. A few months ago, ClinDATC (now 2.0.0) saw a major revamp from 1.0.x A noticeable change is the ‘Plugins’ capability.

We did not aim to develop ClinDATC with bells and whistles, but strives to keep it rather simple and efficient to use. Moving forward, we hope to develop a mobile app for ClinDATC, and to simplify questionnaires and survey creation for everyone.

Major Release: ClinDATC 2.0.0

2.0.0 [2016-02-01]


  • Account management page for all users and all participants respectively
  • Visit label and instrument name options to Wipe Participant Data tool
  • get_header() function to replace ‘include header.php‘ method in order to add page <title> and custom codes easily
  • get_topNav() function to replace ‘include topNav.php‘ method in order to add additional menu easily
  • Plugin: jQuery Notification Bar Header Top Notification
  • is_ssl() function which will now redirect to HTTPS if SSL is enabled in config.php and user is on HTTP
  • Study Description from Settings page is now displayed beside Study Name using Bootstrap Popover feature
  • Reworked the footer including but not limited to remove ‘Powered by ClinDATC’ from translation file into footer page and change background color from blue to grey
  • Plugin feature to ClinDATC – Developers can now create plugins to meet the requirements of their research study or to contribute to ClinDATC community
  • License notices in form of text files
  • CAPTCHA for login page
  • Email verification toggle for participant registration


  • Flagging questions no longer hard-coded to value ’99’ only
  • Reorganized top navigation menu into three main categories [Questionnaires] [Participants] [Study] and simplified the submenu names
  • Header codes for instruments will now be loaded by get_header() function called from itself instead of index.php
  • Instrument and plugin page now call topNav() function from itself to load top navigation if needed
  • Removed footer display from all questionnaire pages
  • Reverted to inline form and restructured the form layout for Data Dump tool
  • As many as possible, all form layout in Tools / DevTools / Settings  page changed to horizontal instead of inline
  • Some built-in tools are split from ClinDATC and reworked as plugins
  • Certain group permissions were removed because no longer feasible to have one permission per page
  • Reorganise Settings page, e.g. Plugin options will be on separate tab menu
  • Reworked sql config table and remove redundant ‘configorder‘ column
  • Updated all page <title> and menu names for top navigation and tab menus
  • Clean up and exclude unused CSS style sheets and JavaScript files from css and js directory
  • All JavaScript / JQuery files and codes moved from header to just before </body> to improve page loading
  • Disabled checkbox for most group permissions involving Participants group to prevent participants from gaining access to administrative pages
  • Admin Tools renamed to Tools and Dev Tools to DevTools
  • Top navigation reverted to click (from mouse-over) to toggle drop-down menus
  • Removed redundant $pageroot in <href> for most pages
  • Better descriptive text for <input> placeholder attribute and sync between similar input questions


  • missing <title> for ‘404’ page
  • Corrected Bootstrap grid offset which cause register participant page to overflow
  • Corrected delimiter from (;) to comma (,) for batch upload participants CSV
  • Enclose ` to `field-name` in sql statements because hyphen (-) in field-name will cause MySQL Update to fail due to ‘-‘ is a reserved operator
  • Removed null single quotation (”) as an option from ENUM() and updated to DEFAULT NULL for, e.g. radio-type questions
  • Restructured sections of a questionnaire template to fix paging and submit form issues because previously, common codes were moved into functions
  • Modifications in Settings page are now reflected on-screen instantly whereas previously, user needs to refresh browser once