ClinDATC 1.5.0

1.5.0 [2015-12-01]


  • Open source support for input range object in HTML5 for Bootstrap in questionnaires
  • [Reset] button beside Search button to clear form
  • Function to Wipe questionnaire data but keep participant’s account Active in Disable Account / Data Wipe form
  • Participants and Users management page
  • Settings in config.php to toggle PHP warnings/errors reporting and write to error_log (e.g. production vs non-production servers)
  • Participants’ questionnaires progress report


  • Each page has now proper and unique <title> that best describe its content along with the Study name separated by pipe |
  • Data Dump form from inline to horizontal in Admin Tools due to wide drop-down width (overflow)
  • The word ‘Candidate’ to a more commonly used ‘Participant’ across all pages
  • The name ‘tag’ to a more commonly used ‘Cohort’ to represent subgroups of participants
  • Removed ‘tag # col’ for ‘crf_cohort’ column because multiple cohort names can now  be stored in 1 single ‘crf_cohort’ field
  • Moved ‘Disable Account / Data Wipe’ form from Developer to Admin Tools to ease developer’s responsibilities
  • Migrated ‘Activate/ Dis-activate participant account’ function from Admin Tool to (new) User Management page
  • Re-worked Group Access page (added 2 new management pages and simplify permission explanations)
  • Tweaked questionnaire template by moving few lines of common codes to library functions


  • A value from database will be prioritized over initial loaded values to prevent double post of value=”x” in a single input
  • A bug where ClinDATC failed to redirect to 404 when an invalid visit, $_GET[‘v’] with correct questionnaire Id is requested in URL