ClinDATC 1.4.0

1.4.0 [2015-11-01]


  • ‘static’ and ‘textarea’ type questions can now be created in instruments
  • function validate_empty() to validate a field must be left blank


  • Replaced use of $variable with define LOG_TBL for eventlog in config.php
  • Updated database structure to ‘unsigned’ for tinyint(), smallint(), int() and standardised the size for all varchar() and int() instances
  • Corrected <label> attributes for Radio and Check-box type questions where HTML5 validation reported ‘The for attribute of the label element must refer to a form control’
  • Removed ‘developer’ text in placeholder for Username in Login page for security purposes
  • Removed ‘Questionnaires’ link in top navigation from Login page until logged in


  • HTML <tag> with double quotes, e.g. embedded CSS in instrument title will no longer break sql update for instruments
  • Corrected batch upload CSV template column name ‘user_password_hash’ to ‘user_password’ due to erroneous warning of mismatch column header
  • Eliminated chance of getting Duplicate entry error ‘participant study id’ by using trim() during registration
  • Check-box answers in database will now be wiped, e.g. when participant returns to previous page and uncheck the checked check-box and resubmit
  • Instruments not specifically assigned to any cohorts will now be labeled as ‘Not tagged’ option in drop-down
  • Used strip_tags() for a HTML/CSS embedded configured study name so that a browser can now display study name (for <title>) properly