ClinDATC 1.3.0

1.3.0 [2015-09-01]


  • Installation script for ClinDATC
  • Tag Options text field in Website Settings
  • Found results display for Search Candidate and Administrator/Developer tools page
  • ClinDATC version and link into footer


  • Moved About and Contact link from top navigation bar to footer due to overflow for screen width of less than 770 pixels
  • Instruments are now arranged by ascending Tag, then Order in Update Instruments in crf table
  • Visit labels are now arranged by ascending Order in Update Visit Labels in visit table
  • All functions in libraries are standardized to hello_world() instead of helloWorld()
  • Updated action in <form> to remove showing index.php at the end of URL after login


  • If an instrument enabled previously was stored in vtcorder, disabling it now will no longer cause Notice: Undefined index error
  • Questionnaire takes a long time to Submit on final page when one or more Flagged option is selected. Turns out to be incorrect linux sendmail configuration when it tries to send out flagged email
  • Instrument→Visit page in Developer Tools now logs correctly as dev_instrument_visit