ClinDATC 1.2.0

1.2.0 [2015-08-01]


  • Applied Bootstrap Alerts component to selected messages in php-login-advanced translations (CSS)
  • Display list of instruments to be attempted (one after another) in random order
  • Pagination for Search Candidate page
  • Capability to select language in future transforming from English (en.php)
  • Extend Visit Deadline in Administrator tools for candidates who still want to attempt questionnaires after their visit deadline


  • Candidate Tagging and Questionnaires Display from text field to drop-down in Website Settings
  • Use Username/Password to login ClinDATC instead of unique URL/Date of Birth/Candidate ID
  • Pretty URLs: /?register instead of /?do=register and /?search instead of /?do=search


  • The style for word ‘Visit’ in Administrator/Developer tools now displays correctly (HTML/CSS)
  • $_SESSION value for <select> question does not reflect as ‘selected’ when returning to previous page
  • Display issue where HTML header and CSS calls are absent in the HTML for browser rendering if there is a session timeout
  • Sanitize and validate inputs whenever possible, e.g. induce mysqli_escape_string() when necessary