ClinDATC 1.1.0

1.1.0 [2015-07-01]


  • Event log access re-created under Developer tools as tab with log filters
  • Make ClinDATC more attractive by introducing Bootstrap glyphicons, e.g. top navigation bar and other possible pages


  • In order to be more informative, all $sql statements are now logged in event table
  • Background color for footer changed from grey to blue (CSS)
  • All redundant functions in libraries are either deleted or commented off for cleanup
  • All ClinDATC buttons standardized to Bootstrap primary class, which is blue color (CSS)
  • “Submit & Save” button instead of “Submit” in all questionnaires


  • White gap below footer in mobile view due to overflow (HTML/CSS)
  • Instances where blank page is shown after “Submit & Save” is clicked on questionnaires final page
  • Visit progress bar does not reflect correct percentage after introducing of instrument tagging
  • Re-defined how different visit label types works using minimum and maximum range
  • Migrated website presets (as required by most ClinDATC pages) from config.php to header.php to prevent Notice: Undefined variable: config