Feature/ FunctionalityIncluded?
Attempt questionnaires
Load alternate options if participant refuses or is unable to answer question
Modify completed questionnaires
Create unlimited pages
Progress bar as pagination
Study Participants
Search participants
Manage participants (e.g. update participant id, reset password and set account status)
Register participant
Register participants (batch upload via CSV)
Manage administrators (e.g. update username and email)
Add administrators (e.g. coordinators and managers)
Group permissions
Visit Labels
Manage visit labels
Set visit completion date for questionnaires
Set custom visit completion date for questionnaires using jQuery datepicker
Wipe study participant data in all questionnaires
Extend visit completion date for questionnaires
Single questionnaire data dump in CSV
Multiple questionnaire data dump in CSV
Developer Tools
Assign questionnaires to visit
Reset single or all questionnaires
Log/Audit trail (useful information like SQL statement)
Manage plugins (enable or disable)
Plugin: Progress report
Plugin: Bootstrap notification bar Using alerts
Plugin: Follow-up participants
Plugin: Questionnaires order dump by visit
Website settings (e.g. project name)
Attempt questionnaires in a fixed sequence (one by one) or at participant's discretion
Skip email verification for new accounts
Random display order of questionnaires
Cohorts (grouping of participants into sub-groups to assign different questionnaires)