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About ClinDATC

Is ClinDATC really available for free?
Yes, it is free and there is no hidden costs, no irritating ads or background statistics collection. We had decided to keep it free forever in hope that it will gain a wider usage for groups of people who need to conduct data collection. This will also assists us in improving the ClinDATC software through e.g. bug reporting and feature requests.

How many languages does ClinDATC supports and is it extensible?
English is the only supported language for now. Yes, the language support is extensible because the text display (you see on screen) is extracted from a PHP ‘text’ file. Drop us an email if you wish to volunteer to translate that language file.

Is the ClinDATC software bug-free given that the “clindatc” team does not have a substantial amount of developers and testers?
If you wish to see a Yes/No only answer than our reply will be Yes, there will be bugs. However, we will like to reassure you that the likelihood of it happening is not great. This is because of the nature of how ClinDATC is coded from ground up – we, the “clindatc” team emphasizes on ‘only code what is essential for data collection’ hence keeping the framework simple with little room for errors.

How secure is ClinDATC if used to conduct public online surveys?
Our standard rule is simply, any page requested by a participant will go through permission checking and if is not granted, redirect to 404 Page Not Found. For non-participants, brute force login at the login page will enforce a waiting time after 3 repeated failed login attempts. A CAPTCHA is also deployed to re-enforce login security.

Is there a mobile app for ClinDATC?
No, there isn’t at the moment but the ‘clindatc’ teams have plans for it though not within 1st half of year 2016.

Is ClinDATC mobile friendly since there is no mobile app available?
Yes, it is mobile friendly because it is built using Bootstrap framework. For those who don’t know about Bootstrap, it is a sleek and powerful mobile first front-end framework that is increasingly gaining popularity for web development.

How often are new versions of ClinDATC released?
As you can see from our Changelog, we are patching and incorporating new features as frequently as once a month but in true aspect, the “clindatc” team is upgrading on a weekly basis. However, with the release of major version 2.0, we will initiate code freeze and devote our time to resolve reported bugs, optimize code and release new plugins.

Is the sole existence of ClinDATC software mainly for data collection especially for research studies?
No, it is not! Being versatile, it can deploy in such scenarios:
– students to collect data in school for project,
– product-based biz to conduct after-sale product survey
– service orientated biz e.g. food and retail outlets to conduct customer satisfaction survey
– in-house company survey for fellow employees

Deploy ClinDATC

Is ClinDATC portable e.g. running off a USB thumb drive?
Sorry, we did not test in such scenarios but the ClinDATC software requires essentially the Apache/Nginx web server, MySQL database and updated version of PHP 5.

Can I setup ClinDATC in a Windows environment?
It will probably run on XAMPP and EasyPHP but we are not sure about IIS. Again, we are sorry that we are unable to test in such scenarios.

I have an in-house PHP developer, how can he/she be of assistance to ‘our’ ClinDATC software for our research?
The ‘clindatc’ team understands that all researches have their own unique requirements e.g. some require additional inputs in the participant registration form while others need XYZ kind of progress report.

The solution is to ask your developer to build plugins to cater to the requirements of your research. A plugin can be a standalone registration form with the additional inputs or to generate a specific ideal progress report. Note that the source codes for plugins are not obfuscated so no, you do not have to worry about ‘encrypting’ your plugins.

What if developing plugins still does not cater to my research requirements?
In such cases, your in-house developer will likely have to modify the ClinDATC source codes ‘directly’. Drop us an email and the ‘clindatc’ team will decide on a case by case basis if ‘un-obfuscated’ source codes can be made available for you. However, our Plus license agreement still stands – for internal use only and distribution is prohibited.

Is there any built-in backup mechanism (e.g. export database)?
No, there isn’t. You will need to plan for your own disaster recovery.

Do I need a high-performance server to run ClinDATC? How about prerequisites?
No, ClinDATC can run on any low specs servers and desktops (notebooks included) as long as your OS can operate the web server efficiently. There are no special prerequisites required – just Apache/Nginx, PHP 5 with MySQL.

Can I run ClinDATC offline on a localhost web server and have the server to act as a workstation for participants to do entry?
Yes, ClinDATC can run without internet connection. For example, you may install ClinDATC on a desktop and participants can use this desktop to do the offline questionnaires. Particularly useful if you are running a small enclosed clinic or lab to collect small data sets.

Can I run ClinDATC on the intranet such that it will be out of reach to the general public?
Yes, you may run ClinDATC this way. This is ideal if you operate a small to medium size clinic or lab to collect a sustainable amount of data and yet wish to isolate access from the general public for security purpose e.g. spam or brute-force attack

Can I request for a ‘private’ installation of ClinDATC for demo purposes which is only accessible by me?
Yes, you may put in the request via email and the ‘clindatc’ team will decide on a case by case basis. If your request is approved, we will setup the demo in less than 48 hours for you.

Making Contributions

I developed some useful plugins, can I host them on ?
Yes, the ‘clindatc’ team can host your plugins on if no monetary involved. Your plugins will be validated for errors and compatibility. Credits will be given to you e.g. listing your name as author of the plugins. Drop us an email and the ‘clindatc’ team will arrange something for you.

How do I report bugs or error messages to the ‘clindatc’ team?
There is no bug tracking system, ticketing system or forum for the general public yet. So just drop us an email and our developer will take care of it.

I would like to join the ‘clindatc’ team to assist in…
Drop us an email and our developer will contact you.

Write about and host ClinDATC Free for download on my website
We will thanks and hug you for it! Seriously, the ‘clindatc’ team couldn’t be happier if you decided to do us this great favor!

Suggestions and feedback?
Drop us an email and the ‘clindatc’ team will response and thank you for it.