What is in the Demo?

There are 2 kinds of study types in the demo. 1 of which 20 participants belong to a single group and everyone attempts the same number and similar sets of questionnaires. The other study type (cohort based) divides a group of 40 participants into 2 groups (20 males to [Male] and 20 females to [Female]). These 2 distinct groups can attempt different number of questionnaires as well as different sets of questionnaires designated to a particular group.

Study Type 1: Single group (non-cohort based)

Participants (total 20): S1-10001 to S1-10020 whereby participants does not belong to any cohorts (sub-groups)

Questionnaires (available for all participants):

  1. Types of Questions (can be created by ClinDATC)
  2. Practitioner Post-Visit Survey
  3. Clinical Questionnaire
  4. Expected Liking (using Slider bar)
  5. Teddy the Bear (using Buttons to select answer)
  6. Food liking (using images to enhance Radio options)
  7. Ideal Portion Size (using Arrow keys to swap images)

Study Type 2: Cohort based (divide participants into sub-groups)

Participants (total 40):

  • S2-F10001 to S2-F10020 whereby 20 female participants belong to [Female] cohort
  • S2-M10021 to S2-M10040 whereby 20 male participants belong to [Male] cohort

Questionnaires (demonstrate that a questionnaire will only appear for the designated cohort):

  1. Cohort Qnr for Mothers – View and attempt by participants in [Female] cohort only
  2. Cohort Qnr for Fathers – View and attempt by participants in [Male] cohort only
  3. Cohort Qnr for Parents – View and attempt by participants in [Male] + [Female] cohort only

Participants Login
Login asUsernamePasswordDescription/Permissions
Participant (non-cohort based study)S1-10001 to S1-10020clindatc
Participant (cohort based study)S1-F10001 to F10020 / S1-M10001 to S1-M10020clindatc
Login for Coordinator, Manager and Developer
Login asUsernamePasswordDescription/Permissions
(Research coordinators, associates, etc)
coordinatorclindatcCoordinators can access Register New Candidate and Search Candidate, but have limited access to Administrative Tools.
(Site leads, project managers, research managers, etc)
managerclindatcManagers have the same access as Coordinators, plus full access to Group Permissions and Administrative Tools.
(Database developer, manager, etc)
--Developers have full access to ClinDATC and its configurations (questionnaires, visits, logs, etc). They have also access to Developer Tools where questionnaires, visits and logs can be configured, created and dumped.

However for this ClinDATC Demo, the developer access is disabled because any misconfiguration will break the ClinDATC Demo. For enquiries on Developer access, kindly email to [email protected].

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