Our Purpose

There are many free and paid data collection software in the market to choose from, why would I even consider ClinDatc?

The “clindatc” team understands that there are quite a few data collection software available – Pay for support software like OpenClinica, online data acquisition like Qualtrics and free through collaboration agreement – REDCap and others. Make no mistakes, the ClinDatc software is never on the same level as those mentioned ‘mature’ software.

The slim factor, simple to setup and ease of operation are what makes ClinDatc unique. Slim because it is less than 1 MB; Simple to setup because the prerequisites consists only Apache/Nginx + PHP 5 + MySQL; Ease of operation because coordinators does not go through a steep learning curve since the ‘clindatc’ team only incorporates the more commonly used features. In short, for a small study group (e.g. less than 200 participants):

  • you do not need to pay thousands of dollars
  • hire a system administrator to deal with complicated installation and configuration
  • send to course or have specialized trained coordinators


The Technology

Learn about ClinDatc, where it’s been, and where it’s going.

The Details

There’s so much in the details. Stay abreast with the particulars.